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The origins of the French Bulldog or Bouledogue Francais are somewhat controversial, with the French claiming it to be one of their older, native breeds. However, it is almost certain that one ancestor must have been that most English of all Breeds, the Bulldog, and probably the toy variety. Such toy Bulldogs were not always admired by the English and they were sent in large numbers to France where they were bred with various other breeds to develop a new variety with bat ears, the outstanding feature of today’s French Bulldog.

It was the emigrant laceworkers from Nottingham, England, who introduced the French Bulldog to the coastal towns of Normandy. It advanced rapidly from these humble origins, and became the customary pet of the ladies of the night in Paris, who fell for the attractions of what was then a strange little dog. The breed went on to become the trusted companion of such famed figures as Collette and Mistanguette. From the world of the theater, it was only a small step to becoming the favorite breed of European royalty and society worldwide. In 1898 a show for the breed was held in New York at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

There was opposition to the breed in England by the powerful English Bulldog clubs and the then existing Toy Bulldog Club. The French Bulldog Club in the United Kingdom held its first show in 1903. In 1905 The Kennel Club began registering the breed under the name, Bouledogue Francais, under the Foreign Dogs classification.

The breed later became popular in England and was popularized by King Edward VII who had several "Frenchies", most notable of which was Paul, with whom he was frequently photographed.


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